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Doctor Strange Composer Confirms MCU Return For ‘Spider-Man 3’.

One of the strong points of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man series was without a doubt its fantastic score. From the main theme that brings just the perfect amount of nostalgia, to the melodies of “Academic Decommitment” that are weaved throughout the films to create a playful high school atmosphere–the score is a defining element of MCU Spider-Man films. Not only is Michael Giacchino an incredible composer, but this will also be his third time scoring a MCU Spider-Man film.

On November, Michael Giacchino announced on Twitter that he is officially returning to compose the third MCU solo Spider-Man film. His message read “Happy to be heading home again!”, accompanied by spider emojis and a set picture of Spider-Man himself wearing a face mask.

What else can eagle eyed fans pull from this information? Well not much. It is interesting to note that Michael Giacchino also composed Doctor Strange–though that alone might not mean much given he also composed the first two Spidey films, which did not feature Doctor Strange.

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