James Gunn Publicly Debunks Green Arrow’s Rumored Appearance in HBO Max’s Peacemaker Show

Some fans may be disappointed by the news that Green Arrow will, in fact, not be appearing but it’s safe to say an even larger contingent of DC fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. For the unitiated, The CW’s Arrow recently wrapped up an eight season run and some may have had quite a difficult time accepting a new take on the Emerald Archer and an actor playing him that wasn’t fan-favorite Stephen Amell.

Taking to Twitter, James Gunn spoke out on the recent rumors that his Peacemaker series would include DC’s Green Arrow as a character. When asked if there was any truth to these claims, Gunn simply replied “It’s nonsense.

For what it’s worth, Gunn made a follow-up tweet expressing his love for Green Arrow, explaining that when he was a kid, he’d always wanted to be him when he and his friends pretended to be the Justice League.

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