Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel Disney+ Shows Rumored For 2021 Release Dates

This would certainly make Disney’s streaming service a must-have for families and older fans as their original content, aside from The Mandalorian, will finally begin to release, justifying subscribing to the service beyond a single original Star Wars show.

According to Christopher Marc of The Ronin, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are reportedly planned to release in 2021, despite the ongoing pandemic. Marc stipulates that plans can change quite easily and quickly, like everything in this turbulent production climate has.
Marc also reinforces that She-Hulk and Moon Knight won’t begin production until March, heavily implying that they won’t be released until 2022.

If Christopher Marc is correct, and Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye finish production and release in 2021, it’s going to paint a pretty funny and contrasting picture from the drought that has gone on in 2020 for fans.
It would mean that Marvel Studios would be releasing a total of six series and four movies—all in 2021:

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