Natalie Portman Reveals Pressure of Working With Muscular Chris Hemsworth on Thor 4

Natalie Portman is very clearly joking in the same manner that Chris Pratt was on Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram post, but it could potentially point to Portman’s Mighty Thor costume having sleeveless arms like the comics. So, it would make sense for Portman to have pressure put on herself to be even close to matching the muscles Hemsworth will have starring alongside her

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Natalie Portman talks about her time in Australia, preparing for her role as Jane Foster in Thor: Love And Thunder. She mentions Chris Hemsworth’s almost absurdly large muscles that baffle and frighten both Kimmel and Portman as they friendly rib the God of Thunder, with Portman jokingly saying “Oh, Chris, we gotta get you some spray tan.

It’d be quite disappointing if they do alter Jane Fosters’ costume from the comics by adding sleeves as a means of hiding Portman’s lack of muscle definition. So, fans will see whether Marvel Studios will stick with the comics’ costume design, either through leaked set photos, or Marvel Studios showing it off themselves. It would be great to see Portman show off her guns, even if they don’t compare to Hemsworth

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