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Matrix 4 Releasing On HBO Max The Same Day As Theaters

The move makes sense for a few reasons, though. While not exactly struggling, HBO Max has failed to have the same success as Disney+ right out of the gate. Releasing all 17 of their 2021 films on the platform guarantees new subscribers for at least a year straight. Despite the fact that there is a vaccine on the horizon, there’s no guaranteeing when theaters will be able to fill all their seats again.

In an announcement from Warner Bros., the studio revealed their plans for The Matrix 4 to hit theaters and HBO Max the same day. The Matrix 4 will be joined by some of Warner Bros. most anticipated movies on HBO Max. Dune, Mortal Kombat, The Suicide Squad, and 14 other films will be released this way. The films will remain on the platform for a month, just like Wonder Woman: 1984.

Some predict it could be at least a year before theaters can reopen to full capacity. In this regard, Warner Bros. is saving lives in multiple ways: these films won’t face anymore delays and fans will get to watch movies like The Matrix 4 from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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