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Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Logo Revealed

The past financial success of Mortal Kombat may have been enough to suggest that the concept could again work on the big screen, but the upcoming film still has its work cut out for itself. Video game films have a lengthy history of failure and capturing what gamers loved about a specific title is a tough thing to aptly translate into a film.

This relentless sort of secrecy is unbearable for some Mortal Kombat fans, but thankfully, one of the upcoming film’s stars, Lewis Tan, has taken to his personal Twitter account for a much-needed update. Tan posted a photo of the new logo for Mortal Kombat, alongside the words “Game changer 2021. #MortalKombat”. Tan has been one of the more vocal stars involved in the film, much to the relief of fans. The full Tweet and logo can be seen below.

However, many Mortal Kombat video game sequels have arrived since the last film adaptation and because of this, the fanbase is larger than ever. This will have a definite effect when the reboot finally does get its release.

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