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 Wonder Woman 1984 Expected To Lose Money, Per Analysts

According to these numbers, it appears that analysts are stating that Wonder Woman 1984 would need to gross over $500 million in order to make its money back. With a production budget of $200 million, this likely points to the film having a colossal marketing budget of over $300 million. This number is much higher than the typical marketing budget for a production, which often amounts to double the initial production budget of a film.

Deadline reported that financial analysts are expecting Wonder Woman 1984 to make a loss, saying that the film will need to gross “40% more than Tenet‘s current global take of $357.8 million to hit breakeven.”
One insider told the outlet that “If Wonder Woman 1984 does Tenet numbers, it will lose money.”

This could be attributed to the fact that WW84 had multiple marketing pushes and campaigns throughout the year to accommodate its various release dates. Because the film was continuously pushed back, this forced the studio to try to anticipate its marketing plan accordingly. As a result, additional costs will have been made to account for this, inflating the breakeven point further than an average blockbuster release.

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