Marvel Releases New Poster Starring Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany For ‘WandaVision’.

Interestingly, this image was part of the show’s official release date announcement last month. Despite that, it still managed to deliver an impressive look at the main characters of WandaVision, ultimately teasing one of the decades that the MCU series will pay homage to.

In a tweet, Marvel Studios officially released another poster of WandaVision, providing fans with a brand-new look at the titular characters of the much-anticipated MCU Disney+ series.
The poster featured Wanda and Vision inside a classic television, with the home’s wallpaper seemingly hinting that the alternate reality is a product of Maximoff’s fascination with sitcoms

Based on what’s been revealed from the short teaser last month, it’s possible that this poster will mark the first of many releases in upcoming weeks, potentially serving as a reminder of the eventual premiere of WandaVision this January

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