Gotham Producers Say Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Spinoff Will Explore ‘Nastiness’ of DC City

Warner Media was already clearly putting a lot of their stock in HBO Max, with exclusive rights to Gotham PD and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Now, the media juggernaut is releasing all of their 2021 films onto the streaming service for no additional cost, including James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

In a recent interview with, Gotham producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller shared their thoughts on the upcoming Gotham PD HBO Max series. Heller mentions the difference between their Gotham and the Gotham that will appear in the upcoming The Batman spin-off:

“It’s going to be truer to the nastiness of what Gotham should really be, I guess

Cannon added how their show is “very much a network show” while the Gotham PD series will be run differently

“I think now that we’ve realized that streaming is the new god, I think Matt’s going to have a much easier time selling the kind of show that we wanted to do, because he’s got a movie with movie stars to back it up.”

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