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Christopher Nolan Open To Adapting His Movies Into Video Games

If handled correctly, though, Nolan’s films could be great material for game adaptations. Those with unique narrative concepts and inventive worlds – Inception, Interstellar, and Tenet all stand out – could be particularly interesting if adapted for an interactive format.

In a recent interview with popular games journalist Geoff Keighley, Nolan discussed the possibility of his films being adapted. “It’s definitely something I’m interested in,” he said. “It’s an amazing world.” Nolan also expressed great respect for the art and process of making games, saying that if any of his work were adapted, it would have to be done right.

“You don’t want to just be doing a licensed game. You don’t want to just be tying into something and using the brand established by the film. Same way actually you don’t want to, when you do a film adaptation from a video game, you don’t want it to just draft off the brand. You want it to be something great.”

The level designs alone would be something to see, and they certainly have wide enough worlds established for new stories to be told within them. Of course, like Nolan says, the process of game development is even more complicated than that of film production, and quality adaptations are few and far between. Still, that doesn’t mean fans can’t cross their fingers

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