Zack Snyder Teases Justice League’s Marketing Campaign For Next Year

From the way Snyder speaks of the marketing for this movie, it seems like his Justice League cut will get an appropriate advertising campaign, especially for something that isn’t going to be released in theaters any time soon and is a director’s cut of a movie released three years ago. It seems like executives at HBO Max and AT&T believe that this mini-series format for Snyder’s Justice League cut will bring in enough subscribers to be worthwhile in the investment.

In an appearance on a stream with Snyder fans like TheFilmJunkee, Zack Snyder spoke about how HBO Max and AT&T will begin the marketing campaign for his Justice League. Snyder said that Warner Media is waiting until Wonder Woman 1984 has had its time in the sun in theaters and on HBO Max before the Snyder Cut advertising truly gets going.

“So in the new year, we’ll probably, very early in the New Year, we want to let Wonder Woman have its run, everyone’s gonna get out and see Wonder Woman and just love it cause it’s amazing, and I’m just super proud.”

A budget that was initially meant to be between $30-40 million for the film seemed to double to at least $70 million over the past year. Hence, it seems like all these executives will want their investment in Zack Snyder’s Justice League to pay off for them by attracting as many people as possible to their service with it. The intensity of the advertising for this movie will be a telling sign of Warner Media’s overall hopes for this uniquie project

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