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Zack Snyder Elaborates on Ben Affleck’s F-Bomb In Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman finds himself in a handful of “stressful” situations through the course of Justice League’s 2017 theatrical cut. Whether it was fighting against parademons or almost being killed by a reborn Superman, Bruce Wayne certainly dealt with tense surroundings throughout the two-hour runtime.

In an appearance on TheFilmJunkee’s Youtube channel, Justice League director Zack Snyder expanded on Ben Affleck’s f-bomb that will be included in the Snyder Cut. Snyder didn’t reveal when exactly in the movie it will come, but he did indicate it will be “very earned:”

“I’m not gonna say when it happens cause that’s a spoiler, like a really big spoiler. You’re gonna have to experience it in real-time as they say. But, suffice to say, it’s earned. It’s a very earned… For sure, f-bomb, but I just mean it’s an earned emotional outpouring, if you will. He’s in a stressful situation.”

With the Snyder Cut adding two more hours of story, especially two more hours of potentially R-rated mayhem, it’s inevitable that the Caped Crusader will find himself with even more stress. Even with a basic outline of the Snyder Cut’s events provided by Joss Whedon’s theatrical release, there is no way for fans to pinpoint exactly when this F-bomb will drop

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