Star Wars: Andor Star Diego Luna Teases Challenges of Bringing the Rogue One Spinoff To Disney+

Andor has been a long time coming. The series was announced back in November 2018, and it’s nice to see that production is finally underway after clearing some of the hurdles that the coronavirus pandemic presented. Doing a show based on Cassian was a surprising decision at the time, but Andor really seems to provide a unique opportunity to dig into the darker elements of the Rebellion that were shown more loosely in Rogue One.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Diego Luna said that Andor offers the unique opportunity to explore more of his character’s reflection in regard to the things the Rebellion asks him to do.

“Definitely. I think it’s really interesting to tell a story even though we know where it ends. The way you can approach a story like this inevitably takes you into a deeper process of reflection. I tend to use that word a lot. So once you know what Cassian is capable of, then there’s room for so much exploration, and that’s something that excites me a lot as an actor. I think the format of a series is amazing because we have a lot of time to explore all those layers. What happens in Rogue One is something we can actually reflect on, and what’s behind something like [sacrificing an informant].”

In Cassian’s introductory scene in Rogue One, we see the Fulcrum agent assassinate an informant proving to be a liability, and the character references other “terrible things” he’s done on behalf of the Rebellion throughout the film. While we know Andor’s ultimate fate, the reflection that this series will provide for the character is something that will add more layers to the character and give more context for where his head is at leading to the Battle of Scarif.

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