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Godzilla Vs Kong Novelization Synopsis Teases All-Out War

Given the hints that have been dropping, it seems more than likely that the battle between Godzilla and Kong will go beyond the two monsters and potentially pose an extensional threat to humanity’s future.

The synopsis for Godzilla vs. Kong’s novelization has been revealed and hints toward an all-out war (via Kaiju News Outlet). The synopsis teases that the battle between Kong and Godzilla will be going on as “humanity fights for its future.” It also mentions that Kong and Godzilla’s conflict will escalate to the point where it becomes “an all-out war.” The novelization will be released on May 25, 2021.

Given the scope of the fight based on both the film and the novelization’s respective synopses, it seems like other Kaiju could be involved as well. While the film is still a few months away, it looks like Godzilla vs. Kong will feature a conflict that is more bombastic than anything we’ve seen in the previous MonsterVerse films.

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