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Star Wars Author Wanted Daisy Ridley’s Rey To Be Part Robot In Episode 9

This is now the third detailed iteration of Episode 9 revealed to the public, the other two being The Rise of Skywalker directed by J.J. Abrams, and Colin Trevorrow’s original script.

The greatest challenge Lucasfilm faced when creating Episode 9 was being able to please every fan, as some people loved The Last Jedi, while others loathed it. So when Foster asks, “How can this be retconned?” that is clearly not the direction that Disney or Lucasfilm wanted to go.

During a recent interview with Midnights’s Edge, Foster shared his thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi after revealing changes Lucasfilm made to the novel. Foster thought the eighth episode of Star Wars was “terrible.”

Foster wanted to explain Rey’s Force-abilities displayed in Episode 8 by making her “part droid”.

But I did things.. [asking] ‘How come Rey has more Force powers than anybody after running around on that ocean world for 24 hours, or whatever it was?’ How can I explain that away? And can I somehow tie that into the fact that she was abandoned on her planet, on Jakku? Can I bring those two things together? And what I did was, she has a disease… that was not curable unless they replaced part of her brain.

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