The Boys Comic Creator Helps Write Dialogue For One TV Show Character

Butcher ended The Boys season 2 in a very difficult place, having just lost his wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten) for good. As to where that will leave him for season 3, fans certainly don’t know, but it doesn’t look promising.

Kripke recently reflected on all things The Boys with Consequence of Sound and shared an interesting tidbit about Ennis’ involvement with the show. Kripke spoke highly of Ennis and his willingness to cooperate with the series, though there was one thing Ennis cared about the most: “‘Just get Butcher right,'” he told Kripke. Yes, Kripke turns to Ennis for final passes at Butcher’s dialogue. He explained:

So, I’ve really tried to do that. I’ve sent him every script to this day. I even just sent him episode three of Season 3 yesterday because, to this day, he wants to weigh in on Butcher’s dialogue. And I’m happy to have him do it because he knows Butcher’s dialogue better than I do, and he knows British slang way better than me, so I’m happy to have him pitch suggestions. He says Butcher is his favorite character that he’s created, so he’s very protective of him. But he’s pretty open to the rest of it. He gets it. He gets that it’s inherently a different medium.

Odds are, Butcher will be even more unhinged when The Boys returns, and perhaps will be even more determined to end the supes once and for all. Either way, fans can trust that whatever comes out of his mouth will be Ennis-approved

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