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Wonder Woman 1984 Breaks Streaming Record.

Many of these statistics do sound good for WarnerMedia and HBO Max, but they really don’t mean much without raw subscriber or viewer numbers to accompany this kind of survey. The public doesn’t have any raw numbers for Hamilton on Disney+ nor Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max to properly compare the two releases.

A new audience survey from Screen Engine regarding Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max shows promise for WarnerMedia, with 23% of participants saying that they signed up to HBO Max exclusively to watch the Wonder Woman sequel and 14% among that percentage saying that they would continue to subscribe to HBO Max.

However, actual streaming numbers haven’t been released for Wonder Woman 1984, so it’s difficult to see exactly how much this benefited the streaming service.
Screen Engine, using their own methods, was able to determine that Wonder Woman 1984 “edged out” Hamilton and Soul’s first-week streaming viewership numbers, meaning that WW84 takes the crown as the most-watched SVOD release of 2020.

The real test will be subsequent releases in 2021 on HBO Max for movies like James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad to see if subscriber numbers remain consistent or, better yet, increase at the same or higher rate it did with the release of Wonder Woman 1984.

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