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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored To Be In Talks With Marvel Studios

Adding Joseph Gordon-Levitt to an already-stacked MCU ensemble should be a massive win for the franchise. Gordon-Levitt is no stranger to the superhero genre since the actor played a prominent role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises as Gotham PD’s John “Robin” Blake. If the actor gets to join the next slate of films in an acting capacity, it would be a fitting return nonetheless.

Insider Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse shared that Joseph Gordon-Levitt “had recently been in contact” with at least one of the creatives from Marvel Studios.

No other context was given by Murphy, but he did point out that this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be cast in an MCU role due to the actor’s vast experience behind-the-scenes like writing and directing.

Given the vast amount of MCU projects on the horizon, there are a plethora of roles for Gordon-Levitt to play. The actor could end up playing Reed Richards in Marvel’s Fantastic Four film led by director Jon Watts, or he could even join Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder in an unknown role to possibly reunite with Dark Knight alum Christian Bale.

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