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How Much Input Wonder Woman 1984’s Director Has on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Even considering how important Diana Prince’s role in both Wonder Woman and Justice League was, the plots of both movies were so far apart chronologically that this news didn’t seem to make much of an impact.

In a recent interview with Collider, via ScreenRant, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins revealed that she didn’t have any input into Diana Prince’s inclusion in either of Zack Snyder’s versions of Justice League.
Both movies were filming at the same time before their 2017 release, and Jenkins clarified that she didn’t speak with Snyder during production for the Snyder Cut of Justice League either:

“I did not have any input into how she fit into either version of Justice League. I was shooting Wonder Woman at the time that they started shooting Justice League so it was a very, very busy time. But no, I never had any input or even really knowledge about what was going to be going on in Justice League. Yes, I always have tried to kind of be respectful of knowing where she kind of ends up and keeping the same suit and all of those kinds of things, but I didn’t really know exactly what was going to happen there.”

Wonder Woman took place in 1918 and helped serve as Diana’s origin story, showing her introduction to the world outside of Themyscira. Her adventures with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor took her to America for the first time and put her right in the middle of World War I, letting her prove herself as a hero for the first time.

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