WandaVision Director Admits It’s Terrifying To Kick Off Marvel’s Phase 4

For a man that claims to be terrified of the task he has at hand, he sure does seem confident in his MCU directorial debut. WandaVision is very clearly going to be “bonkers,” to say the least. But Shakman has packed so much more into the show than just some trippy plot twists.
Calling it “a love letter to the history of television” says a lot about Shakman’s appreciation for the industry, as well as his vision for the upcoming series. Comining that with Shakman’s kind words about Kevin Feige’s leadership, it’s clear to see that Shakman understands the importance of the role he plays as Marvel Studios finally gets back into the swing of things.

In an interview with SFX Magazine, WandaVision director Matt Shakman got real about how he handles the excitement and angst that comes with the job – specifically the job of putting together what will be the “first Marvel MCU property to come out since Endgame” (besides the MCU/Sony collaboration Spider-Man: Far From Home, of course).

Shakman first had to give credit to the “incredible” Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, saying Feige has been “the best sort of champion for this project, and also the best source of wisdom and guidance” during their creation of WandaVision.

“Kevin Feige is incredible. He’s been just the best sort of champion for this project, and also the best source of wisdom and guidance. The show beats with a love and an appreciation for the history of television, so it makes sense to be the first one out the gate, even though it wasn’t planned to be that way.”

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