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Zack Snyder Was Surprised Watching Joss Whedon’s Justice League Cyborg Scene

Every new interview from Zack Snyder seems to reveal a new change for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, and it comes more often than not with commentary on how Joss Whedon completely changed Snyder’s work for the theatrical release.

In a recent interview with Grace Randolph on the BeyondTheTrailer YouTube channel, Justice League director Zack Snyder revisited the movie’s scene with Diana Prince meeting Victor Stone for the first time.
The theatrical cut of the movie, finished by director Joss Whedon, had Stone in just a sweat outfit as he met Diana on a dark sidewalk, which shocked Snyder upon seeing it for the first time:

“I guess this is the theatrical version. He sort of steps out in a hoodie, I don’t know what that is… I had the guys prepare this [demo footage], so I hadn’t even seen [Whedon’s version]. I was surprised myself when I was looking at it before you came in. I was like ‘Wait, what’s this?’ And they’re like ‘No, that’s what it is in the movie, he just steps out like that.'”

This scene takes up a short amount of time in the original movie, but it’s a pivotal moment as two key members of the Justice League meet for the first time. Steppenwolf had already taken the Motherbox in Themyscira by this point in the film, and it should be interesting to find out how this scene changes through the runtime of the Snyder Cut with Cyborg already possessing the second one.

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