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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Comments on Controversial Scene With Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor

Many critics lamented the fact that Patty Jenkins used this plot device to allow Steve Trevor to return in Wonder Woman 1984, specifically pointing out how strange it was for Diana to sleep with him as he inhabited a random person’s body. This was made possible by the Dreamstone, the movie’s MacGuffin, which caused plenty of problems throughout the fictional world outside of Diana’s reunion with Steve.

In a recent interaction on Twitter, a fan took a moment to defend how Patty Jenkins brought back Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. This involved Diana Prince wishing for the return of her World War I pilot, and bringing him back to Diana via a random person’s body. The fan referenced an oft-used plot device in filmmaking, specifically noting the 1988 comedy Big, to prove that it’s not as controversial as some people are claiming:

I’m linking the Wiki to the Body-Swap movie genre; if you can’t see that Patty Jenkins was playing with that trope, and even intentionally pointing out the problematic nature that all these movies have to skirt around, then I think you need to re-examine a beloved, 80’s fantasy movie like ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks… where he (as a 12 year old in an adult body) has sex with an adult female; making her a statutory rapist by default. Also…
2. The movie implies that if you revoke your wish, then much of the impact of your wish is revoked. Hence, even the sex Diana had with the guy possessed by Steve may have actually been eradicated from the movie’s fabric of reality.

Jenkins’ reasoning points back to past classic movies using this idea to great success, including comedies like Tom Hanks’ Big, which makes her decision feel a little more sensible looking back at how it played out. It even seems like the filmmaker understood how ridiculous it was during the process of making this movie, which helped lead to Diana’s wish and the wishes from others causing such rampant chaos worldwide before all of them recanted.

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