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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Reveals Only Deleted Scene From Gal Gadot Film

One of the most common criticisms levied against Wonder Woman 1984 from both fans and critics has been how slow the film feels, especially near the beginning of the movie. It seemed that even the studio felt the same with Warner Bros. fighting with Patty Jenkins to cut out either the Amazon Olympics or the mall robbery. In the end, Jenkins won out, and both scenes were kept in—for better or worse.

In an interview with Collider, Patty Jenkins is pressed again about there being any deleted scenes from Wonder Woman 1984, only to reiterate that she had “cut out only parts of scenes” in WW84. The filmmaker does admit one scene being cut involving Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman hailing for a cab

“I didn’t cut out very many scenes in this movie. I cut out only parts of scenes. The only scene I can even think of that we cut out was Steve and Diana hailing a cab outside of The Natural History Museum to get to Black Gold. That’s the only actual scene I think we cut out.”

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