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Dwayne Johnson’s Co-Star Sarah Shahi Reveals Prep Work For DC’s BlackAdam Film!

Sarah Shahi adds to the classic trend of new comic book movie actors showing off the research they’re doing for an upcoming project. This has been seen countless times, sometimes with the actor involved fully decked out for the role while reading, such as Benedict Cumberbatch with Doctor Strange and Brie Larson with Captain Marvel.

In a new post on her personal Instagram account, Black Adam star Sarah Shahi posted a picture of three different comic books from Black Adam’s comic run: two issues from 52 (Volume 1) as well as “Black Adam: Year of the Villain” #1
Shahi included the simple caption “research” with the picture below:

Not much is known about Shahi’s role in the movie other than that she will play a university professor/freedom fighter in Black Adam’s native Kahndaq. She will be an important supporting character alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s titular anti-hero.

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