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Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2 and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Productions Get OK To Continue In U.K.

Despite this new intensive lockdown in the United Kingdom, it’s now made official that television and film productions may resume their work–provided safe guidelines are followed. This means that we theoretically don’t have to worry about further delays to big projects such as Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness and The Batman–maybe even Moon Knight can get started on time.

In the tweet below, Oliver Dowden–the Secretary of State For Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for the UK–broke the news that Film/TV productions may still resume their work during this new lockdown

There’s lots of debate as to if it is okay that this industry gets to work while others don’t–or even if the general importance of the work being done is worth the potential risk. While everyone is going to see it all differently, it’s important to remember what you do when you sit down and relax at home. All of that media you consume, especially during a government imposed quarantine/lockdown, had to be made somewhere and at sometime. Not to mention the environment the work is being done is both controlled and safe

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