Marvel’s WandaVision Will Recreate Iconic Brady Bunch Opening Sequence

The Brady Bunch was previously mentioned as being one of the many television sitcoms to inspire WandaVision, so it is exciting to hear that the Disney+ series will be paying direct homage to the classic 1970s sitcom.

In the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, WandaVision was confirmed to include a recreation of the iconic opening titles of The Brady Bunch. Elizabeth Olsen mentioned that the Disney+ series will feature “a big montage” of the title sequence, featuring the 1970s sitcom’s classic heads-in-squares.
Paul Bettany also discussed how the show enabled him to don some 70s fashion, saying he “got to live out a lot of polyester fantasies! It was extraordinary.”

Featuring this sequence in the series opens up a few questions, namely how the opening will be incorporated into WandaVision. This Brady Bunch sequence could be used as the opening of the 1970s-inspired episode itself, serving as a direct lead-in to the events of Wanda and Vision’s 70s adventures.

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