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Zack Snyder Reveals New Batman v Superman Photo of Wonder Woman Holding Severed Heads

Given this intriguing reveal, it appears that Snyder’s Wonder Woman is far more barbaric than the light-hearted type that Patty Jenkins introduced in the character’s solo films. It’s worth pointing out that this story element about Themyscira’s champion was considered before the script was written for 2017’s Wonder Woman, but it’s still fascinating to imagine how Gal Gadot would portray a vicious version of the hero.

While speaking with Comic Book Debate, Zack Snyder showcased a never-before-seen image of Wonder Woman from the Crimean War.

The photo shows the Amazonian hero holding severed heads, seemingly hinting that the original plan for the character was to highlight her brutal nature

For context, this photo was supposed to hint at the origin story of Wonder Woman during 2016’s Batman v Superman, before ultimately being scrapped to feature World War I instead. Last 2017, Snyder revealed, via a tweet from Stephen Colbert, that he chose the Crimean War as the potential setting of the heroine’s origin “because it was the first conflict where photography was used.”

Snyder’s films are best known for their dark tone and grounded nature, and this image of Wonder Woman is a prime example of how the character would have been handled if the visionary director was assigned to helm the character from the get-go. As it is, it would be too harsh to showcase Wonder Woman as a bloodthirsty warrior in the DCEU, essentially negating the hopeful essence of the character that fans know and love.

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