Marvel’s WandaVision Composer Teases Epic First Season Arc

As it is, Kristen’s comments should serve as a strong reminder of how WandaVision will reinvent the storytelling approach under the small screen banner. The composer’s use of the word “innovative” is fitting since this will mark the first time that a sitcom will be seamlessly combined with a full-blown MCU movie, meaning that the show has the potential to go where no other projects could.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez, one-half of the composers of the original theme song of WandaVision, shared that the MCU series is “perhaps the most innovative use of “form is content” storytelling I’ve ever experienced in my life:”

Based on what’s been revealed so far, WandaVision appears to start as a sitcom in the first few episodes before it eventually transitions into an MCU spectacle that fans are familiar with.

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