Hailee Steinfeld Reveals She Wasn’t Certain About Marvel Role

It’s curious whether the delay in production for Hawkeye actually helped Marvel Studios secure Hailee Steinfeld in the role or if that non-competition clause in her contract with Apple was real and that they had allowed her to work on Disney’s competing streaming service.

In an interview with Fandom, Hailee Steinfeld talked about finally being able to admit publicly that she would be playing Kate Bishop in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series

“It’s amazing to finally be able to confirm. It’s such an honor to be playing this role. I’m so, so excited about it! It’s so wonderful to be back at work, I feel so grateful.”

However, Steinfeld seems to imply that her role as Bishop wasn’t always a done deal, saying that “It’s been a very crazy year of not knowing if that was gonna happen for a while, so, happy to be back at work and playing this character.” She assures fans that Hawkeye is “…gonna be really fun” and that “I’m excited for people to see it. I’m excited to see it.”

Another possibility is that Steinfeld was not strictly talking about her role as Kate Bishop, but filming for the show in general, as multiple productions were delayed, with Hawkeye only beginning to film in early December.

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