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Robert Downey Jr. Rumored For Star Wars Appearance Talks

Even though Tony Stark’s Iron Man story is seemingly complete, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same can be said for Downey’s story in the world of film franchises. Jon Favreau has made a seamless transition from MCU to Lucasfilm; and since both Downey and Favreau worked together in the early days of the MCU, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Downey to follow suit and possibly play a role in the early days of the new direction we’re seeing from Star Wars.

In a tweet by Noah Outlaw from Kessel Run Transmissions that has since been deleted, Outlaw echoed rumors about discussions between Lucasfilm and Robert Downey Jr. However, Outlaw claims Downey wouldn’t be playing Thrawn, as many had speculated

The rumors about Downey playing Thrawn were due to the fact the character was referenced in Season 2 of The Mandalorian and possibility being set up as a significant character in the future of the series.

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