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Zack Snyder Hides Justice League Easter Egg In New Netflix Film Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder is clearly excited to finally bring his vision for Justice League to life, especially by throwing this Easter Egg into a movie completely separate from the DC Extended Universe.

A new release on Twitter reveals that Zack Snyder added a Justice League-themed Easter Egg into his new Netflix film Army of the Dead.
A scene from the movie features a room filled with reels adorned with the phrase “ZS JL Director’s Cut 214,” standing for “Zack Snyder’s Justice League Director’s Cut.” In December 2019, Snyder had shared up-close images of these same reels on his Vero account.

This scene only comes up for a split second in Army of the Dead, although its just enough time for eagle-eyed fans to notice that Snyder included this tease for his massive team-up movie in his latest Netflix release. The “214” is an interesting part of the phrase as well, possibly indicating that the cut is 214 minutes long upon its release on HBO Max. That number of minutes comes out to just over three and a half hours, which is close to the four hour run time that had been previously reported.

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