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Ray Fisher Willing To Retire From Cyborg Role Due To DC Films President

After over six months of reports detailing the controversial aftermath from Justice League’s reshoots, things now seem to have officially come to a head. Fisher has spoken for months about his feelings on both director Joss Whedon and producer Walter Hamada, and the fact that he’s willing to walk away from the franchise for good shows how seriously he feels he, and others, were mistreated.

In a new release on Twitter, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher put out a statement that he will not be invovled in the upcoming 2022 movie The Flash, contrary to other reports saying otherwise. Furthermore, Fisher said he is willing to walk away from the role of Cyborg altogether to raise awareness towards Hamada’s actions.

On top of not being in The Flash when the movie arrives in 2022, it seems clear that his last appearance as Cyborg could come as early as March when Cyborg’s role is expanded upon in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

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