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Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Has Reportedly Already Filmed Scenes For ‘Spider-Man 3’

While fans can take this rumor with a grain of salt, it’s still exciting to learn that Cox already joined the massive cast of Spider-Man 3 during production. It is currently unknown how Cox will factor into the narrative, but it’s safe to say that his role will be minor, meaning that the actor would’ve only filmed a few scenes.

In the first episode of the Phase Zero podcast, Brandon Davis of shared that Charlie Cox “was on set” for Spider-Man 3, seemingly hinting that the Daredevil actor already filmed his scenes for the threequel. Davis also pointed out that “nobody knows” if Cox will portray a fresh Daredevil for the MCU.

“I have a source who has told me – a very reliable source, the same source that told me that Owen Wilson is in Loki, and that turned out to be true, and a couple others before that says — Charlie Cox was on set for Spider-Man 3. I don’t know if he’s Daredevil yet or a fresh Daredevil, nobody knows if he’s a fresh Daredevil, if he’s a fresh Matt Murdock.”

By connecting the dots, it’s likely that Cox’s time on the set of Spider-Man 3 is finished, but this doesn’t mean that the actor’s arrival in the MCU will be short-lived. As Davis points out, the version of Daredevil that Cox will portray has yet to be deciphered, which means that the possibilities for the character are currently endless.

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