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Dwayne Johnson’s Co-Star Aldis Hodge Hypes Up Work With The Rock For DC Movie

It remains to be seen how Hawkman fits in the Black Adam puzzle, but Hodge’s excitement about (finally) working with Johnson should bode well for the development of the film. The actor has been vocal about his preparations for the role, and his passion could very well translate on-screen, ultimately leading to an impressive portrayal when Black Adam premieres down the line. This essentially proves that Hodge is the perfect candidate for the role.

In an interview with Collider, Aldis Hodge shared details about his preparation for his role as Hawkman in Black Adam. First, the actor admitted that he is “sworn to secrecy” about his upcoming portrayal, but he did point out that they already discussed “a lot about the arc of the character” internally.

“We discussed a lot about the arc of the character and that’s all I can say [about] that. The connection broke up. I couldn’t hear… *laughs* aw, man. I’m sworn to secrecy.”

Moreover, Hodge opened up about working with The Rock, expressing his excitement to “just kind of pick his brain on a couple [of] things.” The One Night in Miami star cited examples such as “the nutritional stuff” as well as learning “a little bit of how to manage that hustle.”

In DC Comics, Hawkman and Black Adam had very interesting character beats, and it will be interesting to find out how the film will explore this unusual dynamic. For the most part, the two characters are usually pitted against one another, and it looks like a live-action showdown will eventually happen. If anything, the sheer strength of Hawkman going against the powerful might of Black Adam will no doubt be a sight to behold for viewers.

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