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Andor Set Photos Reveal Massive Intergalactic Town From Disney+ Show

It was already known that Andor’s scale would be a massive undertaking, and these new set photos further reflect these sentiments. The sheer scope of this set seems to suggest that this will be a major location in the series, with many nooks and crannies to explore.

Set photos from the Andor series have made their way online, depicting the show’s massive set in Buckinghamshire, England. The set was previously believed to be for Disney+’s Kenobi series, but Bespin Bulletin reaffirmed that this set is indeed for Andor.
The images can be seen below via Star Wars Stuff, showing off what appears to be a seedy, intergalactic town set in the Star Wars universe:

The set seems to take place on a new planet in the Star Wars galaxy, being located on a red planet of some kind. The architecture of the buildings seems similar to ones found on the planet Nevarro from The Mandalorian, being relatively short to capture a more Western tone. This could indicate that this town will teeming with scum and villainy when extras populate its streets.

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