Marvel CCO Is Sad Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Won’t Meet Fantastic Four’s Mister Fantastic

Feige may be putting on a brave face here, but the wording in his response to this question is everything.

CinemaBlend asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige if he was upset that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man never got the chance to meet the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards in the MCU, to which the Marvel boss simply responded, “yes.”
Feige admitted that while he “spends more time thinking about being excited” about what he wants to see in the MCU, he was upset by the reality that two of Marvel Comics’ greatest minds won’t ever cross paths in the cinematic world that he’s built.
The Marvel Studios CCO elaborated that, much like when a new Marvel Comic is written, he “inherits the continuity that is the point in time” when a new MCU story is being told, further enforcing that he feels an opportunity to introduce Mister Fantastic to Iron Man was sorely missed

“Yes. I mean, as the comics always have done, you inherit the continuity that is the point in time that you’re about to tell a new story. And that’s where we are (in the MCU), so yes.
I spend more time thinking about being excited about seeing things than I do sad about not seeing things.”

Kevin Feige admitting that he tries to think of more positive things than the missed opportunity of a Stark/Richards MCU mashup because he doesn’t like to spend time being “sad about not seeing things” is, well… Sad.

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