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Matt Damon Reportedly Cast In Thor Love And Thunder!

It feels a little odd to say “Matt Damon is back in the MCU,” but technically, that’s the case.
As mentioned above, Damon had a very brief role in Thor: Ragnarok as the play version of Loki, hamming it up in an exaggerated stage production that portrayed the God of Mischief as dying a heroic death.

According to numerous Australian news outlets, the Academy Award winner landed in Sydney, Australia yesterday via a private jet to begin his mandatory quarantine ahead of production.

While he is yet to star in an MCU project, Damon is no stranger to the Marvel Universe, and specifically the Thor franchise. He previously had a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok as an actor playing Loki in the Asgardian stage play at the beginning of that film.

Damon’s return does lead fans to believe he will be back as this fake Loki, but there are other ways he could factor in

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