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Ray Fisher Admits He’d Return as Cyborg For Potential Zack Snyder’s Justice Leauge Sequel!

Fisher seems to have contention for nearly everybody involved with Warner Bros. after what he went through on the Justice League set in 2016. That being said, his relationship with Zack Snyder clearly holds more importance to him than his feuds with the other company heads in charge of the team-up movie’s production.

In a recent Instagram Live, via Screen Rant, a fan asked Cyborg actor Ray Fisher if he would star in a potential sequel to Justice League after his unceremonious exit from 2022’s The Flash. Fisher revealed that he would “pick up the phone” if he got that call:

“I’d definitely pick up the phone. There’s no way I wouldn’t pick up the phone, that’s crazy. Even if he just called me to say what’s up, that phone is getting picked up. He could be like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna do a Dawn of the Dead 2 and we want you to play a zombie,’ I’d be like, just put me way in the back, I’m fine with that.”

Fisher has shown unwavering support for Snyder through his fight against Whedon and Warner Bros., and he regularly speaks on how much respect and love he has for the longtime DCEU director. This includes serving as an advocate for the Snyder Cut of Justice League, where it appears that Cyborg’s story will gain much more depth as one of the core members of DC’s superhero team.

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