WandaVision Video Reveals Family Dog, Sparky, Coming Soon To Marvel Series

This footage likely won’t come for a couple of weeks, but it’s yet another nod to Wanda and Vision’s classic comic story making its way into the MCU!

In a recent WandaVision featurette from Marvel Entertainment, a doghouse is visible under Paul Bettany’s Vision with a name plate that reads “Sparky.”
A glimpse of the dog can be seen at the 35-second mark of a recent trailer, seemingly confirming that the pup is, in fact, named Sparky in WandaVision.

Sparky was created off the image of a neighbor’s deceased dog in order to help the couple feel more human, and that mission is clearly making its way into the MCU’s first Disney+ show. Sparky typically has the same power set as Vision, with the ability to fly and phase through walls, and it will be fun to see how these skills are shown through Marvel’s cinematic canine android.

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