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Jared Leto Speaks on ‘Laughter’ His Joker Brings On JusticeLeauge Set

It’s no secret that Leto’s Joker was a victim of studio meddling that eventually led to a disappointing finish to the actor’s short DCEU career. However, Leto will have an unexpected return in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and it looks like a well-deserved redemption is in order for the actor.

While speaking with Jake’s Takes, Jared Leto opened up about returning to play the Joker during the reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The Little Things actor first described Snyder as a “warrior” and a “madman” while also sharing the roles that he’d like to explore if given a chance:

“Well, you know, Zack Snyder is a warrior. He’s a madman. I really love him. With every character I play, I didn’t know if it’s because I work so intently and I intend to dig really deep and put a lot of time and energy into it. When I’m done playing the parts, I do miss them a little bit. And you do all this work anyway, and it’d be nice to go back and explore other…like Niandre Wallace of Blade Runner. I would love to play that part again in a prequel or some…even Albert Sparma I think would be amazing to see in another movie or a prequel. You do all this work and then you’re done.

Leto also admitted that it’s always “nice to revisit” roles like the Clown Prince of Crime as they often produce “lots of laughter” on set:

“It’s nice to revisit things. Parts like the Joker, like Sparma, what’s really great about those roles is they can be intense and dark but there’s also a lot of freedom and abandonment there. That’s really fun for me, it’s fun for the other actors, and it’s fun for the crew. And with both of those roles, there was lots of laughter on the set, and a lot of joy because you would improvise or say something really funny. It’s always fun when you hear people cracking up on the other side of the camera and I like that quite a bit.”

Leto’s remarks about Snyder aren’t surprising due to the pair closely working together in the past months in order to create a compelling comeback for the character. In addition, the actor’s excitement about revisiting the Clown Prince of Crime should mean well for the Snyder Cut since his enjoyment could very well translate on-screen.

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