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Avengers Director Joss Whedon Really Wanted Private Parts on Paul Bettany’s Vision

Whether it’s before WandaVision’s run or during it, Paul Bettany can’t seem to stay away from the topic of Vision’s junk!
Even though the idea appears to have never gotten off the ground during the production of Age of Ultron, it would be tough to throw male genitals into a regularly PG-13 rated franchise, even if they belong to an android.

In a recent interview on the Lights, Camera, Pod Podcast, Paul Bettany took a moment to reflect on Vision’s birth in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. In this story, Bettany revealed that director Joss Whedon initially wanted to reveal Vision having a penis as he was brought to life by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Thor:

“I know that Joss Whedon apparently really, really wanted the rendition of him, when Vision first is born, before he was clothed, he was like ‘He’s gotta have a penis.’ And everyone – Kevin (Feige) and Lewis, I mean everybody was like ‘I don’t know, Joss…I mean…I’m not sure…,’…’HE HAS TO HAVE A PENIS, I WANT TO SEE SOME DRAWINGS OF PENISES!'”

Vision did arise from the genesis pod completely naked before he furnished clothing for himself out of thin air, but it seems like a long shot that Disney and Marvel would have brought something more adult into their movie universe

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