Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Wanda’s Relationship With Agnes Is ‘Very Needed’

Hahn’s Anges has been rumored to be the classic witch Agatha Harkness. In Marvel Comics, Agatha and Scarlet Witch have a complicated relationship. Agatha is a mentor to Wanda, training her in real magic and how to use/control her powers. She also mind-wipes Wanda of the memories of her children once they were assumed to be fragments of demon Mephisto. Ultimately, a mentally-deteriorated Scarlett Witch kills Agatha.

During a recent episode of the Still Watching podcast, WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen praised the opportunity to work with Hahn and Parris, who portrays Monica Rambeau

“It is such a joy. I mean, just as, like, aside from the characters, it is such a joy. Getting to know Kathryn and getting to know Teyonah, especially being such fans of both of theirs, is just the greatest gift.

Olsen reflected on the rarity of being able to work so closely with fellow female actors on movies or television shows.

“Female actors don’t get to work with female actors that often, like a lot of men do, but women don’t really get that opportunity. So, that in its own right was just so much fun, but then also for her to have, especially through the sitcom eras, for her to have her [with] girls and her alliances is really important, her trying to navigate this fitting in of this new neighborhood.”

Subsequntly, Olsen drops a hint on the future of Agnes and Wanda’s relationship in WandaVision.

“And I think the relationship with Kathryn’s character, specifically, becomes one that’s very needed for her.”

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