Star Wars Reveals New Jedi With Dark Rey-Like Lightsaber

While little else has been revealed about Orla Jareni, this minute detail may be a hint at the character’s future. The video mentions the connection with Ridley’s Dark Rey, so the creators may have had this dark turn in mind when writing the new character.

In the most recent episode of Star Wars: The High Republic Show, fans were treated to a look at a brand new Jedi, named Orla Jareni. Shown off in a single piece of concept art, the character appears to be decked out in classic Jedi form, sporting a white tunic accentuated with gold highlights.

Notably, Jareni is shown with a hinged double-blade lightsaber, something that the video makes note of as quite similar to the one Dark Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) wielded in a vision in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Additionally, with this character design borrowing from underused imagery in the larger Star Wars world, we may see more of this in the rest of The High Republic series, allowing fans to get a more fleshed-out look at some interesting visual ideas from the franchise.

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