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WandaVision Teases Captain Marvel’s Recent Visits To Earth In New Episode

Due to these tragic events, it’s sad to wonder whether Carol Danvers was there for her best friend in her final moments.

In what is being hailed by some fans as the best scene in WandaVision thus far, audiences learned in the opening of “We Interrupt This Program” that Monica Rambeau was herself a victim of Thanos when he wiped out half of all life in the universe.
Monica awoke in a hospital steeped in chaos, with everyone returning all at once. Confused and unable to find her mother, Maria Rambeau, Monica finally meets a familiar face, the doctor in charge of her mother’s surgery, Dr. Harley

Both of them no doubt lost a mutual friend in Nick Fury; however, audiences now learned that Monica was taken from them too. It would be quite terrible if Danvers didn’t stick around Earth to keep Maria company for those two years, especially once her cancer returned.

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