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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Adds New Writer Who Brainwashed Superman In Previous Script

With so much focus on the Knightmare timeline, this begs the question if Zack Snyder’s Justice League will do a deep dive into the famous sequence even more so this time around. The inclusion of Beall to an already-stacked (and powerful) writing crew of Justice League definitely adds more intrigue, making everyone curious if some plot points from his 2011 draft were implemented in Snyder’s version.

The official press release for Zack Snyder’s Justice League has revealed a new writer with a story credit in the form of Will Beall. The inclusion of Beall is a significant one since he scripted an early draft of Justice League from 2011, way before Snyder’s involvement with the project

The aforementioned script was previously uncovered by The Wrap, and it showed multiple elements that resemble Snyder’s Knightmare sequence such as Darkseid invading Earth alongside a brainwashed Superman, a future Batman leading the resistance, and a future version of Lex Luthor helping Barry Allen travel back in time to warn the others in the past.
This was pointed out by Reddit user QuikTlk.

While it’s likely that the Knightmare sequence was partly inspired by Beall’s script, there is still a lot of unknown moving parts about the aforementioned segment. Given that it’s relatively unknown how Snyder will expand the post-apocalyptic timeline, several key elements from Beall’s script could very well end up on-screen, and there’s solid proof of that.

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