WandaVision Creator Worried Fans Would Be Confused About Marvel Show

Jac Schaeffer is becoming a Marvel Studios regular, with her first credit coming as a screenwriter on 2019’s Captain Marvel. She is also on the team of writers for Marvel Studios’ first Phase 4 movie, Black Widow, as she helps open the door on the MCU’s era on Disney+.

In a recent sit-down with Digital Spy, WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer gave some insight into her experience with Phase 4’s debut project, touching on some uncomfortable topics of discussion relating to the MCU’s first Disney+ show. Though she was confident in Marvel’s plan, the risk of the MCU’s Disney+ venture not being successful was in the back of her mind:

“You know what? I was worried. I believed in it. I believed in the concept, and I believed in my take on it. And I was really, really interested in the risk of it. That’s why I wanted the job, and why I showed up.”

Thankfully, Schaeffer revealed that her team of writers “felt the same way”, and all of them were willing to take the risk with the chance of such a rewarding adventure ahead:
“And my team of writers felt the same way. I hired a roomful of people who are so interested in doing things that are daring and surprising and bold and noisy. They all have all kinds of crazy influences.”

Although Schaeffer was skeptical that this strategy wouldn’t be “warmly received” among MCU fans, she now appears ecstatic that “people are still interested” after the first three weeks of WandaVision:

I was so in for the process of it, but I was so nervous that it wouldn’t be warmly received. I was nervous that people might turn away from it, or be confused, or their patience would wear thin. So now, here we are [after the fourth episode] and people are still interested. There aren’t words…. I’m sort of bouncing off the walls. I’m so happy about it.”

Even after releasing 23 movies in the Infinity Saga, some with record-breaking levels of success, there was some doubt whether the studio taking a dive into TV within the same franchise would work. This even came from some of the actors set to star in the series, especially since nothing like this has ever been attempted on this scale.

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