WandaVision Star Thinks Jimmy Woo Avoided Thano Snap Due To Card Trick

While this card trick may not have had anything to do with why Jimmy Woo survived Thanos’ snap, it still serves as a fun moment of character development in Park’s second MCU appearance.

In a recent interview with Insider, Jimmy Woo actor Randall Park talked about the process of learning the card trick he utilized in his first scene of WandaVision.
Park was asked if Woo survived Thanos’ snap from Avengers: Infinity War, to which Woo said he wasn’t sure. But the actor did give his own comedic theory, saying Woo must have survived because he “had to have” the five years between Infinity War and Endgame to master his new trick

“Maybe he wasn’t because he had to learn that card trick. He had to have that time.”

After revealing that he really did the trick himself, Park said that “a magician” taught him the trick and that he had to “work really hard” because he “had to get it right.”

I’m serious! Actually, a magician taught me that and I actually worked really hard on it before that scene because I had to get it right.

But after admitting that it only took him a couple of days to learn the trick, Park claimed that like any good magician, he “cannot reveal how he did it.”

During the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang passed the time in his two-year house arrest sentence by learning close-up magic online, which he displayed to Jimmy Woo upon his visit to Lang’s house. Woo curiously asked Scott how he did the card trick before leaving, and a later scene showed Woo practicing the trick with little success.

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