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WandaVision Creator Reveals Why Avengers: Endgame Event Was Used For Recent Episode

While Avengers: Endgame’s Blip was likely one of the most life-changing events ever shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (second to The Snap), the effects of losing half the universe haven’t been explored in much detail yet. Spider-Man: Far From Home took a comedic approach to set the stage for a post-Endgame world in 2023, while WandaVision went the complete opposite direction as Phase 4 debuted.

Speaking with, WandaVision creator/head writer Jac Schaeffer detailed how killing off Maria Rambeau in Episode 4 was “a tough decision.” Despite this hard choice, Schaeffer felt it was necessary to set Monica up with “a rough road really.”:

“That was a tough decision. I feel very strongly about Maria and her relationship with Monica. It’s so much of a part of her character. But we really wanted to set Monica up, with a rough road really. And we wanted to dig into her character as best we can and be sort of concise with dropping the audience into like where we are in the MCU timeline and letting them know what the tone of this episode is gonna be, that we’re not messing around.”

Schaeffer expanded on the choice to depict Avengers: Endgame’s Blip in a hospital, describing the setting as a great way to “present the scariness… and the confusion” for those returning from The Blip:

“As far as setting it, we had a lot of conversations about what returning from The Blip must’ve been like. And pretty quickly the idea of a hospital seemed like a real… just a very interesting way to present that and to present the scariness of it and the confusion of it and to get into Monica’s like very visceral, but POV of that moment.”

Maria Rambeau played an important role in Captain Marvel, helping Carol Danvers remember her life as a pilot on Earth. She and Monica, who was only 11 years old at the time, sent Carol off on her way as the film ended before Monica went on her own journey, keeping Captain Marvel as her inspiration.

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