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DC Reportedly Changes Black Adam’s Name, Possibly Affecting Dwayne Johnson’s Antihero

Black Adam is obviously meant to be an intimidating character, so it would be very interesting to learn the thought process behind the name swap.

According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics is renaming the character of Black Adam. And that new name? Shazadam.
The outlet speculates that the new name could be in an effort to evolve the DC character into a good guy rather than a villain. Fans can keep their eyes out for Shazadam’s potential first look in Brian Michael Bendis’ Justice League run next month.

Update: According to IGN’s sources, Black Adam’s name in the comics is not changing in 2021.
Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis made a tweet in an apparent response to the name-change rumor:

On the surface, one can kind of see what DC is going for. If Black Ad- er.. Shazadam is meant to essentially be an evil version of Shazam, then he should have a name that reflects their similarities, right?

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