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WandaVision Spinoff? One Writer Says Jimmy Woo Show Has Chance With Deadpool-Like Virality

Jimmy Woo has been one of the biggest stand-out characters from WandaVision. From his iconic card-trick entrance, to his buddy-cop rapport with Darcy Lewis, Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo has brought an incredibly fun layer to the show, and fans clearly want to see more.

Writer and director Stephen Ford shared a tweet that revealed a “Jimmy Woo X-Files” spin-off series may soon be in the works at Marvel Studios:

Ford went on to say that fans sharing their avid support for the idea could “make this happen in some weird Deadpool viral kinda way,”:

For those unaware, test footage for Ryan Reynolds’ live-action Deadpool movie leaked on social media in July 2014 to high amounts of praise from fans. The excitement played a considerable role in 20th Century Fox’s decision to greenlight their 2016 movie.

The idea of Woo investigating a series of MCU mystery cases is very compelling, especially since the show would act almost as a parody of the popular drama The X-Files.

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